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Treatment in GA and in analgosedation

If needed, we perform treatments of uncooperative children in general anaesthesia or treatments of older children in analgosedation under anaesthetist's supervision.

First, we will invite you to a consultation with the dentist. He or she will examine the child and subsequently determine the medical and pricing plan of the treatment. It is necessary to take a panoramic X-ray image (PAN) for the determination of the treatment plan. If you already have such an X-ray image (which is not older than 3 months), please bring it in an electronic form with you.

The patient is under constant supervision of the anaesthetist during the entire treatment. After the completion of the procedure and the time period needed to wake up, the child is released by the anaesthetist into home care. It is necessary to arrange a car ride in the accompaniment of two adults. Your child should rest and be under your supervision for the rest of the day.

After these treatments, we try to teach you and your child to properly take care of your teeth at home through a system of regular visits at the dental hygienist. The success of our work directly depends on it. At the same time, we teach the child to cooperate and overcome its fear.