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Price list

Price list of dental treatments

The price assessment of each procedure is individual. It depends on the specific condition and requirements of the patient. The pricing and treatment plan is determined on the basis of expert consultation, the assessment of X-ray images or possibly, other diagnostic procedures.

Routine examination 2x per yearCovered by insurance
Local anaesthesia - basicCovered by insurance
Intraoral X-ray examinationCovered by insurance
Dental hygiene procedurefrom 1650 CZK
Children's dental hygiene procedure - 1/2 hourfrom 1100 CZK
Photocomposite, aesthetic (white) fillingfrom 2475 CZK
Amalgam fillingfrom 3300 CZK
Filling (deciduous tooth)from 1650 CZK
Preventive sealingfrom 825 CZK
Endodontic treatmentfrom 6000 CZK
Consultation before GA and analgosedationfrom 1650 CZK

The complete price list is available at the reception.

The clinic has contracts with the following health insurance companies:

  • 111 - General Health Insurance Company
  • 201 - Military Health Insurance Company
  • 205 - Military Health Insurance Company
  • 207 - Departmental Health Insurance Company
  • 209 - Škoda Employee Insurance Company
  • 211 - Health Insurance Company of the Ministry of the Interior