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Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is an essential and irreplaceable part of comprehensive dental care. It serves the purpose of preventing the formation of cavities, gum inflammation and periodontal disease. The aim of the treatment is to reach an optimal level of dental hygiene, good oral health and to avoid the need for dental treatment.

The dental hygiene treatment includes

  • gum examination
  • removal of teeth tartar
  • removal of pigmentations
  • treatment of sensitive teeth necks
  • fluoridization
  • selection of appropriate dental products for the patient
  • individual training of tooth-cleaning techniques

We always try to adjust the treatment to the specific needs of the patient in order to reach an ideal state of the oral cavity and find the most suitable combination of products for you, thereby, help you better dental hygiene in the home environment.

We recommend at least 1 regular visit in 6 months to both adults and children.



It can help improve the state and appearance of your teeth and effectively combats bad breath and periodontal disease.

Dentální hygiena