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Information for parents of child patients

Dear Parents,
If you are about to visit our dental clinic with your child, we would like to make sure that your child is going to feel comfortable here. As parents, you can help us in the following ways:

  • When booking the dates of the visits, especially when it concerns younger children, try to choose the time of the day when you know that your child is not tired, sleepy and hungry. Also, the starting symptoms of colds and other diseases usually complicate the treatment.
  • If you want to prepare the child for the treatment in advance, go for a simple description of the procedure adequate to the child's age without using comments of your own unpleasant experiences and refrain from using phrases such as "nothing hurts", "just to look", "nothing's going to happen." We will be providing you and your child with a more detailed explanation continuously at our clinic.
  • Please do allow your child to bring his or her favourite toy.
  • During the procedure, it is necessary for the child to feel your presence and support, but it is also necessary that you stay in the background

With warm regards, your dental clinic.

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